January 26, 2023

Legendary singer, Tuface Idibia urges Nigerians to participate in the 2023 general elections.
According to the ‘African queen’, citizens who do not come out to exercise their franchise do not have the right to talk when things get bad.

It is the obligation of the citizens a nation to be involved in the political affairs of their country particularly when it comes to voting their leaders.
Tuface believes that those who do not participate in the elections have no right whatever to criticize those who eventually get elected because obviously they had been the ones who had ‘elected’ them through their inaction.
Watch him speak below:

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3 thoughts on ““You have no right to criticize the government if you don’t participate” – Tuface urges Nigerians to vote (Video)

  1. Tuface you’re on point. If anyone does not participate in an election, he or she shouldn’t blame the government period.

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