January 27, 2023

Striking Universities; Federal Government and ASUU, Who Should Be Blamed?Join the conversation; Let’s hear your opinion

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Zara Onyinye:

I’m sure some of you don’t even know the genesis of this strike!
Your own is to come here and open up on vagueness known for without looking at facts clinically!

If we ask that universities should be privatization, would the poor still afford it because that’s the only way to make ASUU embroidery and Government an end fight!

The ideal thing to do, but the conversation has always been the children of the very poor will not have access to education because it will be expensive for them.
But yet nothing is free not even in Freetown!

Education is expensive all over the world.
Only in Nigeria do we have cheap Education that’s some are not productive as a person.
Not every American can afford to send their children to a university.
Should we ask Government to create or support technical schools more?

“Are ASUU being realistic in their demand”
this is my take too?
Yes, governance is continuous but in 2009 when the agreement was signed, it was a time of plenty waterpot implemented through to 2015 when that administration started to borrow to pay salaries.
That administration injured the economy to the extent that it requires a lot of surgery to bring back to shape, it is now ASUU insisted d 2009 agreement must be implemented to letter.
Don’t forget some billions of nairwereas released to offset part of revitalization and allowances recently

I marveled when I read their demands, the same set of clo+wns that don’t want to be on the government automatic payment platform.
You will never see any of their members discuss their demands on media instead they will be anyone that the schools an in bad shape, which we all agreed but it should be a process, many things are in bad shape in the country.
I wonder what the then education minister was sm+oking to agree to suckle mind request After all anyone imagines how humongous it will often if after 10 years it still looks hum+ongous anyone with se+nse
The problem starts with comparing their salaries to what an average politician earns.
I have advised them several times to also look for a political party, obtain forms and try their luck
After all, no one is born a politician.
I tire 4 this ASUU Sha.

Suntai Kamsi: As if education is the only problem Nigeria is facing today
Is university that important, answer is NO
Waec is okay, university is just bonus
Tell us the benefits of university of today Nigeria since we still have millions of educated nuisances, educated illiterates n unproductives Bsc,MSc n PhD holders


Dolapo Adeniran: 2009 agreement reached with ASUU is no longer implementable says Labour Minister. Why can’t ASUU start a new negotiation, and employ collective bargaining as a trade union instead of current confrontation with the FG? ASUU is not being reasonable in their demands by comparing themselves with NASS members, and dictating to their employer how they should be paid. Moreover, funding is the major issue. The fact remains that government alone can no longer fund quality education without payment of tuitions and endowment funds. We all have a role to play in resolving ASUU and university education issues. May Nigeria succeed.

Imegim Omubo: And 17 persons picked the APC expression of interest form of #100,000, 000m each.

The 17 of them are occupying one position or the other under the current Buhari’s Govt. And have failed to talk to their boss, to negotiate with ASUU.

The Shock is: Some Nigerian students are supporting these people to be their next President 🚶. But i know our Youths are better than this.


Kelechu Christian:  This is a welcome development. I must commend ASUU for taking the bull by the horns in extending this strike.

This is a step in the right direction, as it will help to bring the attention of the world on the academic miasma, pigsty and imbroglio ravaging our tertiary institutions.

Even the infinitesimal of person will appreciate this move, unless such a person is under the attack of the ailment, physiological nystagmus that prevents one from seeing well, as dementia prevents one from remembering. I’m fully in support of this strike!


Zahrodeen Sabi:  The best university in Nigeria is the ‘university of ibadan’ which was ranked as the 1196in the world. You guy are taking your kids to some best university outside the country while here we’re managing the kind system of education in Nigeria, most of us end up in universities like taraba state uni jalingo (11927 ranked), bauchi state uni (10886 ranked) and with all this huge lag you guy (ASUU) are still creative a way to mess up our future, i was told that teacher and any there to aid my learn is like a parent to me but NO i do not believe in this anymore, you think you’re punishing the federal government but no you’re messing with millions of student’s future who haven’t done you anything wrong. I hope one day you’ll understand


Amasa Jnr:  I said this before and i will still say it again and again, in as much as this ASUU/FG ugly trend still persist…

I Suspects Govt and ASUU are indirectly subscribing to the BokoHaram ideology of outlawing Western Education in this country…

There is a well established relationship between what the BokoHaram and Bandits are doing to our schools and the Govt Actions and policies that is negatively affecting education in this country.


Raphael Lagan:. There was no need to extend it,you should have Conditionally suspended it with A Deadline of 1-3 month.Failure by FG to meets your demand blow it to indefinite.
The extension will do more harm than good.
Because whatever this strike give birth to soonest, Nigerians should be ready to Accept it in good faith.


John Mark: It’s really frustrating knowing that FG and ASSU can’t come to a common ground to resolve issues concerning academic in the country, Nigeria as a country look really like a country that don’t know what is attainable in a civil society.

Government owned academic institution are on strike and the only trending issues is who is able to a get political party form to contest for political office that even their political agenda worsen the condition of her citizens.

Striking Universities; Federal Government and ASUU, Who Should Be Blamed?

44 thoughts on “Striking Universities; Federal Government and ASUU, Who Should Be Blamed?

  1. Honestly, i think the both parties are to blame. they are meant to reach an agreement by now… this is 5 months gone.

    1. I think federal government should be blame they are busy channeling money in things that less matters and leaving behind the main thing that matters alot which is education

  2. Yeah,, I am in support of what Imegim Omubo said,,so they have money to buy firm for presidential post meanwhile students are home waiting in hope to resume. Politicians are not leaders!

  3. Government should do their best to restore things, these lecturers don’t even get half of wat som of them get. Their own children study abroad and they dont knw what strike is. Let them settle the lecturers cos they deserve it

  4. When two elephants are fighting the grass will suffer,the final brunt is on the students,immediate attention should be given to this problems for possible solution.

  5. The gov’t and Asuu should pls know how to tackle the issue,so that students can go back to school already

  6. If ASSU should withdraw the strike without achieving her aims. That means it is useless to stop school for a few months now. They should battle with the Government now for proper attention.

  7. The government of course, if government plays it part then ASUU won’t even start a warning strike in the first place.

  8. Our Government should be blamed for it….if an dividual can afford to purchase 100million naira Form for political lead and yet the educational systems of the country is in mess then we have all fail as a nation, because educational is powerful in any nation………

  9. My take is that the two parties should reason together so that our youths can go back to school……..

  10. Imagine how the heartless Nigeria government and selfish ASUU are toying with the destinies of Nigeria future

  11. Regardless how the present strike by asuu ends, it’s part of the our building policies to always air our grievances. Plenty back and forth and it will still persist

  12. I tink ASUU are nt realy fighting 4 us d student coz I tink d real prob of govt skuls are d private skuls bt most of thr lecturers are 4rm within ASUU member, d funniest tin to me is dat while we’re @ home obeying ASUU’s call 4 strike dey re busy teaching those in private skuls.
    2ndly, I knw a tym in my own skul dat we head VC was giving 200milion 4 renovation bt only painting of leactures theaters is wat we see while d sit insyd is nt good n dey didn’t touch dem, our hostel is lyk panama prison,
    ASUU shud av fear of GOD ooo
    D money dey’r requesting 4 is still goin to cause internal strike!!
    Even d so called men of GOD praying 4 nigeria av thr kids skuling abroad
    On d oda hand,GEJ is jst being human, some1 dat has no shoe nw have private jet to himself, wat do we xpect, in science, it is d same reason y thermometer was invented coz human feeling is nt constant
    Dis country is dow

  13. Well, both parties are to be blame. If they make education priorities, they should have resolve the issues. Please education is very important!!

  14. Honestly the both parties are to be blamed…and it’s becoming do annoying and frustrating..these are some of the reasons that discourages people from going to school..you try to further frustration of asuu /FG will want to kill you…and when you further no job opportunity this country nawa oooo

  15. Both Government and ASUU have their share in the blame. They should consider the students whose time is being wasted as a result of the strike. The government shouldn’t have gone into the agreement if they can’t meet d terms and ASUU should demand for what is obtainable

  16. I think is because there’s too much Universities, if the can cut off some to private makes the fees low it will be better. second, make changes in ASSU executives that will the best way.

  17. The money for elective position by our political aspirant, if used to solve this Assu /FG tussle. It would have been over. The political elite don’t want to end this war, because their children are either in private university or out side the country studying. Only the poor that is bearing the bront

  18. The federal government should be blame not asuu.reason is that the body have everything within and to release is the difficulties for them so they have to co_operate and sorts things out.

  19. But why won’t there be re
    I strongly believe that one thing can bring an end to ASUU Federal Government rift.

  20. Both are to be blamed but Federal Government is to blamed more coz they are toying with the life of the young Nigerians also they are creeping the local economy in one way or the other. Let’s give an instance of my school in North part of this country, The Okada riders knew what they generate when students on in campus, even the children who are supplying water to the students. For the past three months now, they’ve not realized what they usually get. What do you think will be the next action of these people, is to engage in stealing coz as it is now, the news getting to us said that some students house have been burgled and packed away the students belongings. This kind of things is to be expected when their source of income has been padlocked for almost three months and the too will need to survive.

  21. I suggest ASUU should insist on the strike to get the attention of the FG. If ASUU withdrew the strike without any positive results, they should not bother hitting again till infinity.

  22. Honestly, i think the whole system has failed us. Government should be realistic, if it’s only to secondary school the government can subsidize for the masses let it be and let the universities be privatize. Then all this problems of strike will stop.

  23. It’s really frustrating knowing that FG and ASSU can’t come to a common ground to resolve issues concerning academic in the country.

  24. I agree with you. I sometimes wonder were is our educational system because if this trend continue very soon there will be nothing like education in Nigeria

  25. I believe all blame is for the Government if they have so the needful as at when due no worker will go on strike not only ASSU this time

  26. Federal government is to be blamed, because education they say is the best legacy. But federal government ignored the education sector

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