January 26, 2023

A Catholic Priest decided to ensure that his members get their Permanent Voter’s Card, PVC by all means by sending those who do not possess it home.
The unusual display is said to have taken place in the Northern part of Nigeria where the pastor vehemently kicked against Christians exhibiting political apathy during elections despite praying day and night for a good leader to rule the country.
Speaking at the entrance of the cathedral, he said:
“From today, if you are coming for mass, carry your PVC, if you don’t have your PVC, don’t bother coming.
“Because there is no point in having Christians fill the church, but during the election, we have only a handful of them go out to vote. “So, it means our number, our population means nothing. We want Christians to take their responsibility and their role seriously.”
The priest subsequently asked people who had their voter’s card to come into the church while others who haven’t gotten theirs were sent home.
This gesture however stirred mixed reactions on social media while some supported the  priest’s move, others vehemently kicked against it.
Check out reactions below:

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