January 27, 2023
Presidency Should Be Zoned To South East ~ Deji

Presidency Should Be Zoned To South East ~ Deji

Presidency Should Be Zoned To South East ~ Deji The only zoning I want to hear is that power is going to South East, anything else I’m not interested. Let AREWA keep the power. We dash them free of charge.


Omotosho Wasiu: You know from the depth of your heart that no easterner will emerge as candidate for both APC and PDP. You are just using the opportunity to support Atiku who is your preferred candidate. I hope you won’t be wailing when your northern dream finally comes through.

Opara Olaemma: For once, everyone agrees in this one Candidate and believe in his being upright and capacity to Deliver a better Nigeria. His stories are verified and consistent. But, it hurts some people so badly, that he is Igbo and a significant dot to be neglected.

Otunba Oromini: Let AREWA continue abi u wan take style start supporting ATIKU?

U know dat if u start supporting Atiku @ initial like Reno, ur hailing followers go dress u down like they’re doing to RENO now on his page.
So, you’re firstly giving them false & fake support & solidarity to enable giving u reasons & save landing in openly support of Atiku.

People like us know this your tactics at initial that’s why we didn’t fall “mugu” for it… Yeyenatu!

Francis Ekpeyong: South East to produce the next president any how they want to do it, am talking about the 5 South Eastern States of Abia, Imo, Ebonyi, Anambra and Enugu, aside that then let Biafra go out of this abusive married called Nigeria.

Ogundele Sunday: You know very well that for now the South East can get the power and yet you are just chasing the shadows. You are doing the bidding for Atiku if you are saying the power should rather remain in the North. That is the more reason people like us believe you are on Atiku’s payroll. The Northerners follow there leaders and what makes you think Buhari will throw his weight behind any South East candidate?

Ogeuneku Felix: Deji is so afraid to call AREWA out. Deceiving followers with the South Eastern advocacy as if he cares before. The same AREWA conglomerate that could not train and tame their orderlies in their emirati. Abeg focus on your law school, hoping one day you be the next AREWA backed AGF/CJN

Ogbeni Saheed: Which South East, is it the same south east calling Nigeria Zoo.
Is it the same south east killing their people because they came out to do voter’s registration?
How will Northerners vote for South East that has been calling them Almajri since?

Johnson Ede: Victor Umeh granted an interview on Channels TV Politics Today with Seun a few days ago
I must say that I was extremely impressed.
Victor Umeh is not just a politician; he is very intelligent.

Seun tried to transfix him with his questions but Umeh politely and intelligently answered and cleared everything.

The former APGA national chairman also has a deep sense of history.
The clamour and agitation for Igbo presidency has been on the front burner.
And Umeh capitalized on that.

But Seun, in a bid to fault him, cited that some zones in the North are also clamouring for presidency.
Calmly, Umeh enlightened Seun. He went down memory lane, naming those who had occupied, and is currently occupying, the highest position in Nigeria from North East, North West, North Central, South South, and South West.

From his well presented and factual historical records, only the South East is yet to produce a president of Nigeria.
Crestfallen, Seun withdrew into his shell.
It is good be intelligent, but it is extremely good to be thoroughly versed in history.

The interview of Victor Umeh this night is a lecture rather than a mere political talk.
Only a few who truly know Nigerian history that will appreciate the depth of Umeh’s historical erudition.
Umeh said the Igbos have competent leaders that can pilot the affairs of Nigeria.
But the example he cited shows whom the Igbos believe to be best among others.

He referenced Peter Obi.
He said that Obi promises to turn Nigeria into a producing rather than a consuming country.
That little example is deep.
Okwute has the overwhelming support of the Igbos and every Nigerian desirous of a positive change to a battered country.
On Obi’s mandate, we stand!

Ikponwosa Andrew: Any permutation or political correctness analysis that doesn’t want power to south East are one of the enemy of division of our great Nation, APC or PDP should zone power to south east and Nigeria will prosper. It is 6 zone that make up the nation, but if its only operation on paper no problem, the implication will dangerous for the peace of this nation come 2023 and going forward

Shamshudan Farooq: But this South East are the ones that always courses chaos and all sorts of palaver for the well being of this country as a single entity… don’t you think if given the opportunity to govern this country without proper arrangements and covenants, they (Igbo/IPOB) can easily succeed in their so-called cessation?!

Godsent Chibuzor: Either PDP Zone to the South East or we all vote for anybody the APC gives us. The Igbos are suffering under Buhari because of the massive votes they gave PDP. The only thing the PDP can do to appreciate and assuage the South East is to zone its ticket to the Igbos in the South East.

David Sunday: The northerners are simply scared of the ibos, due to the agenda they have towards Nigeria, apart from H. E . Late Umaru Yaradua, no northern leader has a good intentions for Nigeria, if not why are they dragging Ibo presidency?

Raphael Deji: In every election since 2003, Buhari has always had a captive audience of 12 million Northerners, plus or minus, one million. If the Peoples Democratic Party fields a Southerner in 2023, Buhari’s captive audience will obey Buhari’s command to vote for Tinubu, who will inevitably win the APC’s Presidential primary. And he will win. The only way they will not obey that command is if the Peoples Democratic Party fields a Northerner!

Any scenario other than the Peoples Democratic Party fielding someone from the Northwest or Northeast is an own goal. I know this will infuriate a lot of people, especially from a particular geopolitical zone, but that is what truth does. It makes you mad as hell. But it makes you heal as well.

Individually, each state in the Northwest is politically powerful, especially the KKK axis. Kano, Katsina and Kaduna. But their individual strength is not why they influence elections. The power of the Northwest is their ability to vote as a bloc. Only the Southwest is that politically disciplined in the Nigerian project.

Presidency Should Be Zoned To South East ~ Deji
Presidency Should Be Zoned To South East ~ Deji

Presidency Should Be Zoned To South East ~ Deji

6 thoughts on “Presidency Should Be Zoned To South East ~ Deji

  1. Presidency should be given by credibility and not by zone, but still that does not mean that nobody in the east is credible enough for the position. Igbos have been very productive and enterprising so I believe they will do best if given the position . its time to test the nation under the leadership of an igbo

  2. The only way they will not obey that command is if the Peoples Democratic Party fields a Northerner!

  3. With all this discussion I hope we finally get a good and realizable candidate who will deliver us.

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