January 27, 2023
"Peter Obi Doesn't Stand A Chance In PDP Even When He's The Most Popular" ~ Adeyanju Deji

"Peter Obi Doesn't Stand A Chance In PDP Even When He's The Most Popular" ~ Adeyanju Deji

“Peter Obi Doesn’t Stand A Chance In PDP Even When He’s The Most Popular” ~ Adeyanju Deji Deji Adeyanju, a popular social media influencer and a youth activist has described Peter Obi a People’s Democratic Party Frontline Presidential aspirant as the most popular aspirant but he fears the PDP won’t let him.

Deji is an apolitical youth activist who supports the Igbo presidency. He said the Igbo ethnicity have been marginalized and denied their right to produce who becomes president of Nigeria.

Deji wrote:

“Peter Obi is one of the most popular candidates for the next election but he doesn’t stand any chance in PDP. Where will he get delegates votes to win from? This is one person I would love PDP to give their ticket to because of equity. Igbos should naturally have the right of first refusal in this but politics is just strange.”


Jalal Fadal: I truly believe in the capacity of Peter Obi to govern this country and I look at him as a Nigerian with capacity and not as an Igbo. But I wish his promoters will invest more time in campaigning for him by justifying reasons why he should be supported by all Nigerians irrespective of creed and geography rather than inciting hatred and spreading divisive politics.


Ebofor Basil: Sir-Jalal Falal GOV. PETER OBI quotes that set the internet on fire…

As Governor, I left N75billion saved for my successor….

“To you young people, Take Back your Country…it is your future they are toying with”. – Peter Obi

“I reduced my convoy to 5 vehicles and you cannot buy fuel unless I am in the car”.- Peter Obi

“If I sleep in a hotel and have to pay N250k a night, I will be awake all night…feeling like I was robbed”. – Peter Obi

“You know there are many big men in Anambra state, so when they want to see me, I say to them I will come to you instead”.- Peter Obi

“We handed schools back to Churches and by 2013, we were number one in WAEC.”- Peter Obi

“I beg you to participate more in politics, the society we help them abuse today will take its revenge tomorrow”.- Peter Obi

“The only way out of recession is to spend for growth. You can only spend for growth either from savings or from borrowing.
The question is: what are you borrowing for?
Are you borrowing for consumption or for production?
When you borrow for consumption, you are heading for disaster.”

— Peter Obi.

” I had to stop the Presidential lodge in Anambra… A project awarded at 400million. I had to close down state house in lagos and Abuja… Because I felt we dont need it…. Even when other states had.”

” They said President Obasanjo is coming… I went to borrow the kind of cars they wanted… Instead of spending millions… From a neighbouring state.”

“I requested Obasanjo to spend the nights in my lodge Since they said he must sleep over… I asked my wife to pack out of my bedroom… We went opposite to lodge in a hotel (name mentioned) for the week, we paid N30,000 instead of N100,000.”

“I used the 150million for 2 bullet proof cars to buy almost 50 Peugeot cars at 3 million each.. gave 17 to JUDGES and 18 to permanent Secretaries (because i discovered they did not have cars) and kept 10 for govt house… which I used as Governor… I did not use bullet proof cars as Governor.”

“They said we should attend world Igbo Congress in U. S…. That the budget WAS cut from 40 to 32million…. I asked them why… That only one person should go and come and tell us what was discussed.”

“Instead of paying 30,000 for each security personnel (about 30) per night in Abuja, I told IG to give me Police whenever am in Abuja….I travel alone… People complained…. The 15 drivers lodged in Abuja state house…who come to airport to cause confusion, i asked them to go, kept only 3. The others to go back to Akwa or look for job… I asked the cook to go back to Akwa instead of giving him 30,000 per plate.”

“When Governors lodge and Govt house was burnt before I came… With budget of 400million and 300 million, I repaired them for 42 million and 80million respectively. They wanted to impeach me that I did not spend by due process… Following the awarded Contracts and contractor…. I saw a table.. That my predecessor used, they said its old… I asked them to renovate it… That all i needed was a table to write as Governor… ”

” So so so I was able to save money and made sure that ANAMBRA HAS THE BEST ROAD NETWORK THAN ANY OTHER STATE IN NIGERIA…..”


Dennis David Williams: Sir-Jalal Falal Nice try, but let me tell you, you can never separate nyanmiris from insults and abuse. They’re simply uncouth and uncultured, respect for others is not what they know how to do-they are not that way inclined. I love Moghalu and he’s my preferred choice.

Buchi Patrick: Exactly my thought…Aside being an Igbo man Peter Obi is the best candidate I have seen so far…other SE candidates may campaign only on the basis of Equity,justice and fairness but Peter Obi has capacity

Ndefi Mark: Nothing like left or right of first and last refusal in politics.

Go and get what YOU CAN, either through negotiations or accumulation. That’s the language they speak in Nigeria.

I repeat, Peter Obi may not be able to win over Anambra delegates votes. Not because he’s not one of the best material, but he was politically sleeping since 2019.

Political contests are not always won by the most brilliant, liked or eloquent. It is, what it is.

Hence, Wike is coming!

Ifeanyi Okoye: Your idea is that of a typical Nigerian politicians, you knows the problems, yet goes ahead to do the worst, and still come out to tell Nigerians their problems, this type of your political ideologies should be regarded as obsolete as possible. Standing what the country need to succeed should be topic. Mr Obi is right in that direction. He need your support, stop spinning in circles.

Friday Obanoeke: Democracy is a game of numbers,we should not pray for that kind of Democracy General Abubakar foist on us blc they wanted to compensate SW over the death of MKO n was also looking for someone who can protect the then military.

Ifeanyi Tony: Only Peter Obi and Atiku are well prepared people to lead Nigeria under PDP. The rest are just ignorant opportunists, who are being intoxicated by the fund being looted from their various State pockets. Minus Obi or Atiku, PDP have bunch of political lepers who claim to be Aspirants.

Ewulum Ugochukwu: Nigerians are not yet ready for good leadership.Peter Obi can’t make it.Naturally, he doesn’t spend anyhow.And you see people gather you thought they are gathering for good reasoning no.Any of them are concerned on what will enter their pockets.They have no thought for future.We need God’s intervention in this country.

Makayla Makut: I concur with every bit of submission here but it’s a general consensus that Nigerians are tired of these old cargoes and at the same time wiser and desirous of a breathe of fresh air and a new lease of life.

Unfortunately, Nigerians again are poorer more than ever before and these delegates seem to be ‘more Nigerian’ than the masses hence, will be tempted to go for the highest bidder.

I think to a very large extent, the future of Nigeria lies solely on PDP’s ability to convince and prevail over Atiku, to sacrifice his political ego and wealth on the altar of patriotic logic and common reason so as to pave way for a widely accepted Peter Obi.

Every country at a critical junction of its political history needs sacrificial Statesmen such as these.
Unfortunately again, this is Nigeria.

I pray this mere wishful thinking becomes the order of the day.

Nnaemeka Champion:

✍Yes ,the truth that is only acceptable to them whenever you engage them is that Peter Obi cannot win because a majority of them , their brothers and sisters, who are the PDP delegates are so much in love with their incompetent rogues. Rogues love rogues and roguery. They pride in it and still have the shamelessness to lament about the current shithole status of Nigeria . Ndi iberibe jiri akpa beans kwaa coat ?

Jungle of bandits and Criminals.😡

Markie Igwe: Prior to the 2015 election, insecurity in the North East was so bad that all Southerners were encouraged to relocate to their states. No one came out to blame the Northern politicians or use those incidents to deride their interest in politics. Eventually a PMB was voted against all odds.

2. In 2019, in spite of the increasing insecurity, PMB still won the presidency

3. In 2023, the South East has one of the smartest options for the president & common Nigerians, who are bigger beneficiaries of the pains in the society, are clearly hiding under the excuse of a criminal unknown gun men to exhibit strong nepotistic biases.

4. We have 2 political ideologies in Nigeria today. The ones that believe Nigeria is okay just as it is & wish to continue from where the present leadership will stop and the ones that strongly believe that the country needs some sort of restructuring to unlock her great economic potentials.

Guys, the choice is yours. Would you allow nepotism & tribalism deny us all an opportunity for a great Nigeria? #PeterObiisthebest

Ilori Olusoji: A man that lose guard his phone, are you sure he won’t lose guard the whole nation to the hands of the enemies…. Lol. Well on a serious note, reason we had to do away without those two leading parties, they won’t give us credible candidates, I wonder why he didn’t pitch his tent with one of this upcoming strong party with great Agenda. He should have starts strategizing the moment he lost the last election with Atiku, even with the so call PDP…… Early preparing would have go a long way.

Obura Matthew: PDP shouldn’t use because of tribalism or greedy and put Nigerian into suffering again.

Let them join the force together and liberate Nigerians from the bondage of APC suffering.
On this note, Peter Obi is the best person for the job.
Only if PDP will hear the cry of the poor Masses and join hands together for this movement.

Again anybody aspiring for a post under the suffering (APC) platform will fail….The acronym APC means suffering in Nigeria.

Samuel Yarison: Peter Obi, Should Be Second To Nobody,I Have No Doubt That Atiku Would Do Well,But Peter Obi Is Fantastically The Best & The Right Man For The Job.I Will Campaign For For Him Should He Emerge The Flag Bearer.However,If Atiku Wins,I Urge Him To Still Pick Peter Obi As Vice,The Duo Would Make A Great Team & Fantastically Lead Us To A New Nigeria.My Humble Submission.

Israel Yashim: Comrade Deji, let Nigeria and Nigerians borrow sense now or never. Peter Obi is second to none among presidential aspirants in all political parties. Nigeria we need to put on our thinking cap for a wise and best candidate. And Peter Obi is the man both for capacity, competence and integrity

Festus Onwe: I have never been fascinated so much as I do since Peter Obi join the presidential race. Nigeria at this time need an economic specialist. We are already gone economically and would completely be obsolete if we are not able to have a prudent manager of resources to occupy Villa in 2023. Peter Obi rightly fit in. For the first time in my life I got so involved in who will become our president and am ready to commit my resources to it. Sentiment and tribe apart, we dearly need a man to salvage us from the economic wood we found ourselves. @Deji, deploy your energy to campaign for him. Don’t sit on the fence.

"Peter Obi Doesn't Stand A Chance In PDP Even When He's The Most Popular" ~ Adeyanju Deji
“Peter Obi Doesn’t Stand A Chance In PDP Even When He’s The Most Popular” ~ Adeyanju Deji

“Peter Obi Doesn’t Stand A Chance In PDP Even When He’s The Most Popular” ~ Adeyanju Deji 





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  1. You have said it all with God all things are possible because he has been seeing what we are going through to day in this country called Nigeria and he will use you,p Obi to see us though in Jesus name Amen.

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