January 27, 2023


So yesterday, the Ignatius Ajuru Uni. in PH had her convocation. As usual, hundreds of people got awarded first & higher degrees.

I love the idea of getting higher degrees, however my observation has been that most young people who go for Masters & Doctorate Degrees do so mainly because there’s no job opportunities, as such, hope to use the higher degrees as advantage in case the opportunity comes.

But what exactly are higher degrees meant for & who should go for it?

My findings reveal that higher degrees are essentially for those who want to pursue careers in teaching / lecturing or for specific needs like promotion in their current jobs, etc.

If i knew what i know today, i wouldn’t have gone for it, because i realised that the time & money invested in its pursuit only to finish & still remain without employment would have helped me acquire soft skills that help me be self-employed or easily employable.

Young people should be sensitive to the changes occurring in today’s world which has gone past the era of emphasis on degrees or certificates to a can-do era, i.e, what can you do, what skills set do you posses to solve challenges.

Mr. Funny Bone makes more money & has potentials of making more money than an average Professor, just like a Fashion / Graphic Designer, Shoe Cobbler, Restauranteur, etc stands better chance of making more money.

A second observation is that it’s the children of ordinary Nigerians who chase more of these higher degrees than children of the wealthy class.
Eg, the likes of Otedola has his kids into various skills with possibly just first degrees, Dangote has his kids attending exclusive Business / Management Classes where they obtain hands-on experience than the regular universities to obtain Masters or Doctorates.

My conclusion is reached after considering that the number 1 problem those of us from humble backgrounds face & which fuel our drive for higher degrees is poverty, by all means, we want to overcome poverty & uplift ourselves & families.

If that, therefore, is the goal, we should deploy our time & resources to things that can help us earn money first especially in a society as ours that has little opportunities for certificate holders

Next & finally is that we should imagine that every graduand was forced to produce something, be it Toothpick, Tissues, Cake, Graphic, Chairs etc.
Like, imagine it was compulsory for everyone who graduate from our institutions, irrespective of Course studied or level is forced to make anything that is used in our day to day lives, imagine a Catering Institution demanding that their students produce Wines as basis for graduation, imagine that all the Chairs used yesterday were manufactured by Graduates of the University’s Wood Works or relevant Department!
Yes, their products wouldn’t have been best standard but overtime, succeive sets improve on what they met on ground.

As a developing society, we must rethink, review & refocus our Educational sector to solve everday challenges, it’s the only way for the sustainable society we all seek

My name is Ikenda


  1. Education system in Nigeria has dilapidated. Where even FG and The educationist body doesn’t have the interest of the student at heart

  2. In our today’s academy session we nearly think outside the box i.e school project work repeats itself same way and same method with any slight change. Compel to a hand skill job they always want you to think outside the box and be creative on your own

  3. Apt!
    I told a friend of mine I’d rather learn digital skills than apply for masters since making money is the goal.

  4. We just need to sit, readdressing And put in place a working and good educational systems like other country from there, I believe things ll definitely have a turn around bcus it’s all start from primary school to higher level of learning

  5. The most cases here in Nigeria education is that after being graduated from the university, you can’t up to work as none educated person.
    No jobs for graduates.

  6. The world at large is changing and it’s now all about what you know not the certificate you have.. soft skill is taking over

  7. Well said, I strongly believe that most times, the reason its seems like the average are the ones running after education is because, education is key and most times our parents believes the reason they couldn’t have much is because they didn’t have education and they have to give us. Just has you have said, skills should be aded and it should be a must

  8. That’s a good idea not only going for higher degrees but also acquired skill and become self employed, even to the next privilege

  9. The points raised in this article, to a very large extent, are valid. Additionally, however, emphasis tends to be on theories and not on practicals in our developing society. In other words, there have been lot of research/studies conducted on different phenomena in past, while some others are still on-going. But the implementation of the findings of the studies conducted has, oftentimes, been the bane of development or progress in our society. We must, therefore, collectively ensure the implementation of the research findings , if we truly want meaningful progress in our society. The stakeholders in our society must give priority to the implementation of the outcomes of the various studies conducted .

  10. Education is actually meant to be a training ground to acquire skills, knowledge and training which will help in development of the individual. It is not solely for white cola jobs.

  11. Yeah very correct, but sometimes I féel that the rich have the necessary info and momey to place and create wealth so the poor uses the aspect of acquiring knowledge as the first step of making money.

  12. Waoooo
    This is interesting and it should be given wide range of dissemination and if possible, a public speaking to our youths.

  13. That skill wil really help us d youth because staying at home wouldn’t help at all. All we need is to create skills that wil help us

  14. Rightly said Mr writer, at some point felt like the years spent acquiring a degree certificate its a real waste of time,Then talk more going for masters.

  15. Asking students to create a tangible good that will be used on a daily basis should be key to completion of projects. But what we see in our country is a situation whereby you just give your supervisor some amount of money and he gets you the manuscript of the previous set and ask you to edit the necessary details like name and reg number.

    We need to really retrace our steps, especially in the educational sector.

  16. This is hard talk. I hope our youths will be ready for skills aquisition instead of waiting for admission into the higher institutions.
    Many waste time in writing and re-editing UTME without hope.

    God bless Nigeria.

  17. Degree is useless in this country. Our educational system is faulty. Skills are for important. Research has proven it a tool of development

  18. Education for this country is like chassing the wind because after you graduate you must look for skill…oo

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