January 27, 2023

Former aviation minister, Femi Fani-Kayode a.k.a FFK, gushes following a surprise visit from his ex-wife, Precious Chikwendu, to his home.
This comes two years after the separation of the duo that came with a messy battle for custody in and out of court.

Taking to Instagram, FFK expressed shock to receive his ex-wife in their home for the first time in forever.
With a detailed analysis of over four hours spent together, FFK empathized how the moment will forever be cherished.
In a lengthy note, he wrote;
“This was a truly sureal and historical moment.
For the first time in two years, totally unexpectadly and out of the blue and after she took our sons Aragorn, Ragnar, Aiden and Liam out for yet another beautiful outing, Mama Aragorn came to the house to visit with us.

For two years she and I had not seen or spoken to one another but on Saturday afternoon we spent no less than four hours together in which we talked, laughed and shared some beautiful moments.
It was touching to see members of my household and staff receive her and, led by our first son Aragorn who held her tightly by the hand, usher her through the gates and into the compound as I watched in utter disbelief and surprise from the balcony.

Moments earlier I had seen them walking down from the top of the road through the CCTV cameras and from the same balcony.
It was a small crowd, led by Aragorn and his mother. They walked slowly with radiant smiles and laughter whilst a convoy of cars followed them from behind.
It was the dramatic return of a great and beautiful queen who was simply resplendent and who shone as brightly as the morning star.

There are some moments that words cannot capture or express and this was one of them.
After two long years of contentious silence and acrimonious separation she graced us with her presence and came home.
It was joy all around to see the return of this great lioness.
Every single one of the 60 people that live and work in our home was happy to see her and some even shed a few secret tears of joy.
Mama Aragorn displayed such courage, grace, dignity & class.
This was a moment that I shall cherish for many years.

This was a triumph for all lovers of peace and sons and daughters of righteousness.
This was the day that the power of God was made manifest, that joy came to Zuma close and that the Lion of Aso Drive roared in glory, victory, power and strength.
This was a moment that proved beyond all reasonable doubt that patience, restraint, understanding and peace brings nothing but joy and blessings.
This was a moment that light overcame darkness & that the secret prayers of four handsome little Princes were answered.

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