January 27, 2023


I Like Peter Obi But His Supporters Are Bullies ~ Adeyonju Deji A popular Activist has taken to his Facebook page to call out the supporters of a Frontline presidential aspirant under there platform of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP)

He said:

I love Peter Obi so much but his supporters must stop bullying those who are not supporting him online. You are not helping him by your actions. Express your views without bullying anyone.


Bolaji Adamu: All they do is abuse, insult and curse people who are not supporting their Obi. They think they can coerce people to support him or only their support will make him become the president. Their eyes go clear after PDP primary

Francis Okpara: The good of Nigeria is the good of every Nigerian.
2015 and 2019 have been a great lesson to us all.
Those that want peace let them chose between light and darkness but I know it’s only few of those with evil mind for Nigeria will look behind Peter Obi and chose all those coming

Gregory Odor: Gbam. They will just use their unacceptable bullying to limit this man’s chances. Obi is an intelligent man so replicate his intelligence in your arguments, give people reasons to believe in his mandate. Superior argument wins not fisticuffs.

Emeka Charles: @adeyanju deji, don’t be bothered about what supporters of Peter Obi is saying online. Just focus on the conducts and actions of the man(Peter Obi).

Some of the so called supporters are actually recruited by opposing aspirants to create enemity/problems for the man. This is equally a political strategy most politician has adopted!

Ugonna Onuegbu: It is common with the supporters of all the major aspirants. Osinbajo’s supporters are battling Farooq Kperoge and other people who are opposed to his aspirations. Tinubu’s supporters are doing the same thing to perceived oppositions

Onyedika Peter: Let me explain this to you learned Sir Adeyanju Deji. the real supporters of peter obi are not bullying anybody, those who are bullying people with contrary views are strange men in the camp of peter obi, i call them sponsored urchins.

Obi doesn’t do politics of bitterness and desperation. Anyone playing Politics of bitterness and bullying does not represent peter obi, you can’t be working in GLO and claim to be representing MTN.

Obi is into Politics of relationship and innovation, he attended Atiku’s Presidential declaration because he doesn’t see Politics as a do or die affair.
Those who are parading themselves as peter obi supporters, bullying those who does not support the obi movement are online terrorists sponsored by opposition candidates, to tarnish the image of obi movement.

Obi has not come to win by do or die, he has come to make a statement that it is possible to get things working again.

We will not allow bunch of sponsored online terrorists and urchins embarrass this sacred movement. It is a sacred movement that has come to cleanse the Land.

Firmly Believe: Las las, those that supported Mr. Kworuption both in 2015, 2019 are paying the same bill with the rest of us. They are experiencing insecurity with the rest of us. Except for those that benefit directly from the government…others are regretting.

Any choice we make in 2023, na all of us go bear am. Dollars may get to N2000 then.

Nigeria has a chance with Obi even though no politician should be trusted… but his previous record of management may be helpful!

Mohammed Adamu: Peter Obi is looking for a vice president position, he jumped into the race and acting serious because he knows such opportunity of 2019will hardly come by this time. His oga may decide to go for a certain south-south VP or a Southwesterner to break the APC block votes. And by his political capacity measured from the prism of party,PDP, it is obvious he can only emerge the party’s candidate through a consensus as he lack the needed spread to win the presidential primary

TC Onwe: Let those that are not Obi’s supporters keep waiting for us to be nice. These guys don’t realize the importance of this election. That’s why they’re still using 2014 sense. What we’re saying is that voting Obi is necessary if this country is to be saved and its unity is to be restored. If they want to make the mistakes of 2015 and 2019, they should be our guests. History will always vindicate us.

Ethel Ogbuji: Peter Obi shouldn’t be carried away because more people are keep saying he is rightful Presidential Candidate from the South east. He and his advisers should play their Card in sensitive manner by collaborating with other regions . Nigeria Political environment doesnt recognise who is more qualified, rather, the other way way round. Just saying for a friend.

Benedict Ejumeju: Deji, you are doing a good job. Jisie ike.
We are just scared that the northerners might repeat the mistake of 2015 just for tribe’s sake and short-sightedness.
We want Obi because we love Nigeria. Whether it is for equity and fairness or not, Obi remains the best candidate for this job.

Wisdom Ijia: If you know you are for Peter obi like my comment with love and this should be the end of insulting others, we are matured , educated , preachers of peace and love for freedom😀. Anyone insult for Peter Obi is not our own he belongs to the indaboski association … Yours comrade WMI( 2023peter obi or revolution)

Agada Ubasi: Peter Obi is the only ideal President that can represent the youth and bridge the gap between the ancient and ancestral leaders that have been failing Nigeria. There is no better candidate at the moment in this country called Nigeria than Peter Obi…

Edeh Johnson: I have never campaigned for a single politician in Nigeria all my life.

I believe most Nigerian politicians are after power for personal aggrandizement.

I have never taken any of them seriously.

But I have a change of mind this time.

Peter Obi caught my fancy. I can still not express how he won my hopes, my confidence, my trust, that he would be different from others if given the opportunity.

Perhaps, his eloquence and suavity have endeared me to him.

I might be wrong. But Peter Obi appears to me to a different breed from the politicians I have encountered in Nigeria so far.

He seems to be genuinely concerned about serving the people.

He appears to be driven by noble motives.

I know it is difficult to place confidence in political office seekers, especially in Nigeria.

But I am ready to risk Peter Obi.

I watched his Arise TV interview a few days. His knowledge of economy and international policy cemented my trust in his capacity.

Obi, in my view, is not our regular Nigerian politicians.

I know it would be difficult for a leader to succeed in a country like Nigeria.

Even a saint, if one appears, might be corrupted by our system.

But Peter Obi appears to be different.

I might be wrong. But I will cast my vote for him.

He seems not to have the clout of other politicians.

And this is understandable. Obi might not throw money around in a bid to win at all costs.


Because he appears not to view politics as a business which is the mindset of most if not all Nigerian politicians.

I will give my vote to Peter Obi and be ready to bear the consequences.

Peter Obi, the Okwute, remains my candidate.

What about you?

Obinna Okenwa: Good product dey market himself, PO is a good market, forget bully or no bully his track record is the main thing bullying stomach and envelope politicians. Peter Obi will stand as the final test to see if you people are serious about this thing called Nigeria.

Ibrahim Umar: No mind dem, dey will never show u anything he do different as governor of anambra….dey wil rather be teling u he left 172b wen living ofice or he cut his convoy to 3cars or he use to enter economy wen traveling

Mundayin Living: Peter Obi is the real deal in PDP. But he is just out to strike a deal for VP slot as it would not come easily like the last time. Northern aspirants will easily manipulate the delegates to their side easily base on population, funds and bigotry or prejudice.

Udeh Lina: Deji are you really a human right activist or a cashivist?
If you are really a human rights activist, i have called for your help for more than 10 times, even tagged you for help,( not financial help)
But you always ignore my calls


I Like Peter Obi But His Supporters Are Bullies ~ Adeyonju Deji

I Like Peter Obi But His Supporters Are Bullies ~ Adeyonju Deji

27 thoughts on “I Like Peter Obi But His Supporters Are Bullies ~ Adeyonju Deji

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  3. I am impressed, your Opinion Match with Mine.
    I One does not support their Candidate, they did not Only Rain insults, but went as far as Threatening the individual or his Family.
    This is not Good for Our Young Democracy.

  4. Peter obi is actually the man the job, but I’m afraid the system of our politics here terrible.

  5. Well I love the man but shouldn’t we at this point in this nation look beyond who we love?
    Lets look at who would be able to do the work…..We all have had a hard lesson I believe

  6. People are entitled to their opinions. This is a politics, things like that re inevitable. Every fan is trying to prove that his choice of candidate is the best. But las las all these politicians will still meet in the inside and they will shake hands and dine together

  7. Well,I have not been bullied online before by any support of aspirant in question.
    I forward to next year and may God’s will be done

  8. People should not be forced to support any presidential candidate they should do it willingly please stop the bully act.

  9. If you ask me, I think he is the most qualified for the post of the president of the federal republic of Nigeria.

    I was watching him speak on berekete family where he made know some facts that he has always made public.

    He is the best governor the state has ever produced and if given a chance, will be the best president our nation would have produced.

    He already has a strategy that will move this nation to it’s supposed position. What he needs now is an opportunity to implement them.

  10. Only in Nigeria we call an adult (grandparents) youths and small children over grown adults and we forget to realize that one day we’ll still come to beg. What am trying to say is that in you ask an opposition party what they did during their tenure, their answer will always be based on comparison on what they did for you, what the past also did leaving the questions asked. Until Nigerian learns how to paint white white then they can have a good presidential candidate like obi etc

  11. It’s high time we looked beyond region, religion and tribe and vote for someone who will work with everything he’s got not seeing politics as a means to enriching himself or his generation.

  12. Peter Obi will not be accepted especially in the North as his people always insult us and call Nigeria as Zoo.

  13. I believe he is in the best position to help this country. Lets just chose wisely as a country. That is my thoughts though

  14. As for me, ‘come rain come sunshine’ I better vote for competence. Wouldn’t mind whether being bullied or praised I will vote my mind out for the right candidate.

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