January 27, 2023
"I Don't Know If Osinbanjo Has The Fear of God" ~ Rino Omokri

"I Don't Know If Osinbanjo Has The Fear of God" ~ Rino Omokri

“I Don’t Know If Osinbanjo Has The Fear of God” ~ Rino Omokri Sheikh Nuhu Khalid is a Northern Muslim, like Buhari, but he spoke the truth to Buhari, even if it meant he lost his job. Buhari killed Nigerians during #LekkiMassacre and #ZariaMassacre. 700 soldiers have been by terrorists in the last 18 months. Over 20,000 Nigerians have been killed by terrorists under Buhari. Over 500 children have been abducted from school by bandits. The Nigerian Defence Academy was attacked by terrorists and soldiers were abducted. Four barracks were over an by terrorists. The 157 Task Force Battalion in Metele was overran by Boko Haram and over 80 soldiers were slaughtered. Kaduna airport was overrun and taken over by terrorists. An Abuja-Kaduna train was bombed by terrorists, and many Nigerians were killed, while about a hundred were abducted and are still with the terrorists. Yet, Osinbajo praised Buhari’s handling of security and threatened Nigerians that he would continue from where Buhari stopped.

Clearly, Osinbajo has fear of big men. What I am not sure of is whether he also has fear of God.


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Stanley Paul: In as much as this looks like an attack but it is an undeniable truth…..Very likely Osibanjo is just trying to fulfill an ambition, not necessarily out to salvage Nigeria….. This time Nigeria is not only in need of capable rulers but a leader with capabilities and good conscience…..

Lucky Omanus: Mr. Reno, I would love you to contest for the presidency for this coming 2023, please don’t even try to mention Atiku name, please, unless you have evil intentions, towards this country.

Nkechi Ogbonna: I think pastor Osinbajo don’t fear any human being on earth but a pretender with ulterior motive to be cunningly walking his way to aso rock as president

He may succeed or fail, that is depend on the selection how Buhari & Yakubu inec will decide events

Goodluck to all the presidential aspirants who have bought nomination form

Akin Temidire: Reno Omokri Sir, is the statement the only thing you hear from PYO’s speech? And besides, even though Buhari didn’t do well, is it in all areas? Saying he will continue what Buhari has done or so, does that means he’s actually saying he will ensure weaknesses will continue in all areas of Buhari’s weaknesses?

Mr. Omokri, you yourself knows that you have hatred for PYO and that is a bad definition of a leader.

John Abba: Dear Reno..
If you actually have a good knowledge of the Nigerian constitution, You’ll know that the Vice President doesn’t have the constitutional power to act above/outside that being bestowed upon him by the President or rather act outside the constitutional provisions assigned to him. You can’t blame V.P for all these.

UC Celeb: Mr. Reno, I have loved most of your post, I voted you in your business insider……..

But in the matter of presidency, Osinbajo have my yes. Your criticism can’t change my mind.

My advice, stop the criticism and do some important stuff.
For you to be telling us that Atiku is the man that we transform Nigeria few weeks ago,it means you are just like Buhari,
Same selfish interest

Ali Mini: This is a time that Nigerians must break the barrier of “my party is the best” and enthrone the right person, @ Reno Omokri sir, we can’t deny the fact the the personality of Osinbajo is far better to be enthroned than any other one irrespective of party in time like this.

Ajoki Haruna: Reno Omokri your bitterness towards Osinbajo didn’t allow you to proof read your write up to see some of the mistakes you made and for the Sheikh, his name is Shiekh Nura Khalil not Nuhu Khalid. Thank you and God bless you. Mumu man

Jayola Olufumi: Go and rest Mr Reno.
There is nothing again for you to say. You’ve had opportunity that you and Jonathan blew up.
Were you man enough to tell Jonathan that his government is fantastically corrupt?
Did you resign?

Please save us all this nonsensical stories
Sometimes the greatest way to say something is to say nothing at all.

KJV Habakkuk 2
3 For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry.

Ade Stephen: Reno with big mouth, nobody should regards his saying.
They are all defending where they go fit chop, u see FFK now.
None of them is after d good of this country, but personal gain.
Let APC give Reno an appointment now, he will be much more bad than FFK ” Mr camelion”
Sheikh Khalid is not a govt official, did u speak against ur govt when bombs where going off almost daily during GEJ regime? Am not a supporter of PYO but I think this attacks are not worth it

Gloria Nnaji: Leaders are the products of the society, if the lead are wise, they will produce good and wise leaders. The country is neck deep in economic, political and security challenges as a result of bad governance and the same people, responsible for all this problem are coming out again. Inshort, it’s only in Nigeria you see this kind of thing.some people are making excuses for Osibanjo that he doesn’t have constitutional rights , if he doesn’t have constitutional rights , doesn’t he have conscience and he can not resign and he told Nigerians that that he will Continue from where Buhari stopped. meaning he didn’t see anything wrong with what Buhari did. We should not allow sentiment to becloud our sense of reasoning.


Gracea Abady: So They should not declare because u are abroad casting images?
Nigeria is a free nation down to whoever that want to declare his intention.
What I don’t understand is bringing down ppl for their co aspirant
Even this vote,u won’t come and vote.
It’s high time u allow Nigeria choose and leave this character Assassination,it won’t take u anywhere

Emmanuel Eniobong: To assert that PYOs continuity theme means he wants to continue with the ills of the Buhari administration is either a lack of understanding, hatred or an attempt to twist the story and deceive Nigerians. A careful read and analysis of the whole speech shows his intentions to he will focus on completing ”what we have started, RADICALLY TRANSFORMING OUR SECURITY and intelligence architecture; completing the reform of our justice system focusing on adequate remuneration and welfare of judicial personnel, ensuring justice for all and the observance of rule of law, rapidly advancing our infrastructure development, especially power, roads, railways, and broadband connectivity.”

Sometimes understanding could be rocket science….

"I Don't Know If Osinbanjo Has The Fear of God" ~ Rino Omokri
“I Don’t Know If Osinbanjo Has The Fear of God” ~ Rino Omokri

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  2. Remember he is just the VP and moreover he didn’t have more says at all. His ability is limit

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