January 27, 2023

How to migrate from Prestashop to woo-commerce

Everyone wants to enhance the business, when you’re doing good with one thing you must do another with it to enhance your money when you find a good source of bit, the same is with the digital marketing and website business like if you are working in content king, you must want to enhance business by AdSense services like you have a website and you think you can earn much from other yo would go with that other one for enhancing your business, the game i s with the website users who belongs to Prestashop when they think that they can earn better from the other ones, they turn their heads to that and start wo rking with the websites like woo-commerce. When it is about migration from Prestashop, we must go for woo-commerce as it is proven to be an adequate eCommerce platform. In this guide, you will see the steps that should be used for this purpose Prestashop is one of those open-source CMS that is considered to be the best eCommerce platform. What can the users do with it, to sell and buy products and enhance their business and make money?

According to a recent estimate, there are almost 270,000 people are working in this field, as an open-source business platform is much more cost-effective, so people are going toward the woo-commerce website

On the other hand, woo-commerce stands alone on the platform but it has the advantage too. We all know that WordPress comes with unlimited themes an d plugins. So people can get easy access to all the themes. It is also providing free plugins which means it is cost-effective, plus the inventors are providing the users with lots of facilities to grow online stores.

How to migrate from Prestashop to woo-commerce

Some of the steps that can help you to migrate from PrestaShop to woo-com merce are as under

Step 1:

Both the platforms like PrestaShop and woo-commerce are self-hosted; it me ans that the action algorithm is the same. then, it is clear that you can install F G PrestaShop to woo-commerce plugins on both e-commerce platforms. Whe n you are done with it, you will add an import button in the plugins box.


In the second step, you need to choose the data type you are going to transfer from Prestashop to woo commerce with the additional migration options. The plugins will direct the plugin’s settings page where you want to fly your Presta shop database information including the store URL. database name, passwor d, database user, and leave all the settings on the system.

An important tip: we suggest you not close the tab all at once unless it reache s 100% because it goes beyond that you should wait for the process completion and the message of completion as well.

Post-migration process

Things don’t end here, as you are done with the migration process, there are afew more things you need to check to make sure that your business and onlin e stores are doing well. For that purpose, have brought some of the important steps, you need to go through to check your store out, and some of the steps are as under:

1. You need to check for the possible errors such as correct categorization of products, visibility, perform new searches, inspect links, and many oth ers in your online store.

2. After the investigation, what you will do is, install all the related and essential extensions, to show to your customers and clients that you have aIl the necessary features you need that must be included in the custom version of woo-commerce.

3. For attracting all your new or old visitors, just upgrade to the recent data migration service, as it will help you to redirect your visitors, to visit your new Site if they still visit your old Prestashop website.


We have talked about the migration from Prestashop to woo-commerce and s ee both are good on their own, as they are self-hosted websites as well as a fr ee eCommerce platform that has exceptional sales features. This is all you sh ould know about migration from Prestashop to woo-commerce. If you still have confusion, feel free to ask any questions regarding the proces s, comment below!

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