September 30, 2022

It was indeed a tense moment in Biggie’s house as housemates were tasked to tell a story about themselves, one which Bryann, Rachel, and Chichi did spectacularly.
The task for Saturday evening was for the housemates to make a pictorial representation of the tough moments in their lives.

Chichi narrated the struggle of growing up as a girl child; an unprotected child, who was bullied and had no shelter. According to the female housemate, she found the strength to push forth despite the setbacks.
As for Bryann, his story focused on the effort put into his musical career that proved abortive. He sighted an example of how his mother stood by him at the gate of a celebrity whom they pleaded with to listen to his songs but refused.

Rachel highlighted being hit hard by life struggles after her parents went from 100 to 0 and she had to struggle with school she was once able to afford and how she lost friends in the process.

Watch the videos below …

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