February 1, 2023

Cummins West Africa Limited has reiterated its commitment to reducing carbon emissions, creating of a healthy environment and working towards its destination zero and planet 2050 strategies.

This was disclosed by Okechi Igwebuike, Managing Director, Cummins West Africa Limited during the company’s  ‘Technologies for Energy Transition’ seminar on Friday 10th November 2022.

According to Igwebuike, emissions compliance is key to delivering on the commitment of achieving zero carbon emissions and providing energy solutions to its numerous customers.

To him, this resolve spans from Cummins’ over one hundred years of delivering leading power solutions and bringing customers the right technology at the right time to deliver the value that is expected.

What Cummins West Africa Limited is saying about solutions

He said, “We are investing a lot in fuel cells, and electrolyzers for hydrogen production. We have a strategy called “destination zero” which is a drive for reaching net-zero emissions by 2050.

“So just to drive focus on that, we have a new line of business within the company called ‘New Power’ which is helping us to drive focus on that strategy.

“The whole idea for us again is that we are investing a lot in various forms of energy. But the key thing is, we will keep optimizing the daily engine platforms while we are developing new product lines.”

Charles Enakele, Business Development Manager, Gas, Cummins West Africa Limited, also explained that our natural gas engines are the bridge to realizing the future of energy transition.

However, “We drive towards destination zero and clean energy, with the Cummins new power projects such as fuel cells, electrolyzers for hydrogen production, hence the need to embrace Cummins, a company with a proven track record & history of making a global positive impact and has the drive to contribute towards solving the energy crises in Nigeria and the continent through our innovative power solutions.

“The company’s strategy is to accomplish zero emissions by reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and supporting the transition to decarbonized power through our strategic offerings such as Mobile/Industrial power, Stationary power, and Integrated power systems solutions with unmatched support.”

One of Cummins West Africa Limited’s clients, Nigerian Bottling Company (NBC), bottlers of Coca-Cola, explained that its experience with the energy solution firm is remarkable, adding that the company has displayed integrity and reliability in its dealings.

Akinjide Agbeyomi, the National Power Generation and CHP Manager NBC said, “We have been with Cummins for over 15 years and our experience has been remarkable, as the company has displayed integrity, professionalism and competence.

“We have been through a lot together, but the good news is that they have lived up to what they believe in and also to our expectations. Their engineers always live up to our expectations within timelines. Cummins gas gen set is a reliable solution to the recent hike in the cost of diesel. It is rugged and serves as a reliable substitute where gas is available.”

What you should know about Cummins

During the seminar, the company showcased some of its various gas generators including the 1160kw, 1540kw and 2000kw models. They shared that using their Combined Heat and Power solutions (CHP) along with Cummins gas generators, industries can get utilities such as steam, hot water, chilled water, CO2 recovery and in the process increase energy utilization from about 40 – 45% to up to 90%.

Cummins West Africa Ltd is a power solutions provider that designs, manufactures, distributes, and services a broad portfolio of power solutions.

Cummins products include gas and diesel internal combustion engines, electric and hybrid integrated power solutions, filtration, after-treatment, turbochargers, fuel systems, controls systems, automated transmissions, electric power generation systems, microgrid controls, electrolyzers and fuel cell products.




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