September 26, 2022

Most online casinos offer sports-based casino games, but how many actually let you bet on sports in 2022? Unless the casino has also been equipped with sports betting technology and software, your odds aren’t great. Allow us to explain what your options and odds are like if you want to wager on sports at leading online casinos in 2022.
It Isn’t All About Table Games and Slots
Firstly, you might wonder why a dedicated sports bettor doesn’t just simply head to a sportsbook to place wagers on sports events. They could certainly do that. They’d also end up with a dedicated experience. However, sometimes sports bettors also want to bet on traditional casino games like roulette with high stakes, blackjack, and slots. Just because it isn’t all about table games and slots for them doesn’t mean that they don’t want those options available. Given this, these players are going to need to sign up at twin sportsbook and casino sites. These tend to be the bigger, most well-known betting sites around.
Sports-Themed Casino Games
If a casino doesn’t directly offer sports bets, there are still ways for players to bet on sports. Sports-themed casino games are in existence. These may include football slots or basketball slot machines. While this is unlikely to quash their thirst for sports betting, such options may still give you what you’re looking for via bonus rounds – at least to a degree.
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Virtual Sports Are a Halfway House
Virtual sports make for a pretty good compromise, and they can be found at many top online casinos. Falling somewhere between real sports betting and casino games, these titles are purely fictitious. However, they work (for all intents and purposes) like a real sports bet, so they are a sort of halfway house, if you will, between casino gambling and sports betting.

Proper Online Sports Betting Options
Of course, some casinos do offer you proper online sports betting options. Your selections will vary greatly depending on where you play. If you sign up at one of the “high street bookmaker” sites, you will likely get to choose from thousands of sports selections and markets alongside thousands of online casino games. Smaller-scale sites may have dedicated casinos, but you may find that their sports offering is limited. Even so, these sites could still be for you if they cover the markets you want to bet on.
E-Sports Betting Is Coming into Its Own
Finally, let us touch on e-sports betting. This is now coming into its own. E-sports betting is another one of those sectors that treads a line between proper sports betting and online casino game gambling. In effect, you are betting on other people playing games. E-sports options are more closely linked to sports betting than casino games, but you can readily find these options at many top internet casino sites in 2022.
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