January 27, 2023

They railed and riled before and after the 2018 APC State Congresses in Rivers State were nullified about struggle for party structures not being their Agenda. Yet, the moment Igo Aguma smuggled the office of CTC Chairman into his back wallet through the now thoroughly trashed Justice George Omereji strange judgment of July 2020, they jumped and queued behind him. I’m talking about the same Aguma who fought them on our side and gave them the bleeding nose that Ibrahim Umah took to Court.

They resumed their now regular railings and ranting before the 2021 State Congresses and getting zero attention, shifted gears to the run-in to the APC National Convention of March 26, 2022. Bloodied, battered and bludgeoned with only three votes for Worgu Boms to show for it, they have changed the narrative. This time, they knew that Boms would not win but only wanted to prove a point. What point exactly, you’d ask?

As an icing on the cake their Cicero also said a few more things to underline the fact that what happened in Abuja should not be taken seriously by his brow-beaten supporters. But, again, launching a debate that all these murmurs from his quarters was never about a struggle for control of party structures is the height of dishonesty. What exactly do these guys mean when they say their fight is about providing a level-playing field in the Party?

If they aren’t interested in the control of the party structures, why dissipate so much energy on Ibrahim Umah’s case? And then Dele Moses? Why refuse to recognize and work with the Barr. Isaac Abbott Ogbobula State Caretaker Committee appointed by the now defunct Mai Mala Buni CECPC in accordance with the APC Constitution but embrace Aguma who grabbed it in a judicial coup that ambushed the party’s Constitution? In fact, why conspire with Aguma and smuggle Worgu Boms into Abuja at the peak of COVID lockdown through another botched judicial effort to take the office of Deputy National Secretary to which Chief Hon Victor Giadom was originally voted at the 2018 National Convention? Why return to the Courts again in 2021 after the successful conclusion of Congresses they wilfully boycotted?

Point is some people are just like that. Just back and forth!! They love controversy and thrive on deceit. Self-deceit and deceit of the unwary. They just got trashed at the High Court of Rivers State challenging the 2021 Congresses. They got dragged on the floor of the Eagle Square struggling to punch above their weight. They keep being floored each time they throw up another scene of their heedless rebellion.

As usual, we have heard another one this morning from the treacherous lips of that ill-gotten Chief of Staff, Government House (2012-2015). Man is calling on the Honourable Minister of Transportation and benefactor of everything he is today to resign from office over the Abuja-Kaduna train terrorists attack. Man needs special goggles to see the NSA, Minister of Defence and DG, DSS where his application for Amaechi’s resignation should begin from. Of course, not done they have turned attention to the Rivers APC Thanksgiving billed for this Saturday. The bragging point this time is the morality of holding a Thanksgiving at a time lives have been lost in that attack.

I guess Nigeria herself had declared a day or week of national mourning or the Government of Kaduna State had ordered for flags to fly at half-mast to mourn the dead and we are violating same. Indeed, their Jagaban who called off his 70th birthday Colloquium in the guise of mourning the tragedy also called off his 2023 presidential consultations in the North that began with Kaduna State yesterday.


Yesterday, a former Senator from Rivers State took to his regular pulpit. The mission yet again is to cook beans on the brains of his lean supporters who are languishing under the weight of the dashing of their last hope for revival in the All Progressives Congress at the party’s National Convention with the decapitation of Worgu Boms’ aspiration to the office of National Vice Chairman, South-South.

Instead of the man with the gift of garb to bite the bullet, walk up to Chief Hon Victor Giadom and offer his congratulations to his Bera brother, he took potshots at Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi to diminish the victory he craved for his Man Friday from Elekahia. He told his audience that he is unaware that Mr. President has endorsed any presidential aspirant.

Interesting. Mr. Senator is unaware that President Muhammadu Buhari recently declared publicly on satellite TV whilst speaking with the Channels TV duo of Seun Okinbaloye and Maupe Ogun-Yusuf that he has a candidate who he would not name in order to spare his life from marauding political scavengers, in a manner of speaking. Tueeeh…

He would go further to say that those who are serious about running for President are going about consulting Nigerians already and not waiting for some anointing oil. Again, Mr. Senator goofed on that front too. One, as a Christian he should have known that the Bible recognizes the anointing of leadership and same is done by a higher authority on the lesser. Two, those he is calling out are not yet openly consulting because they cannot do so under the extant provisions of the Electoral Act 2022 until certain conditions are fulfilled. As a lawyer he should know this. Next, we can understand the basis of the double-speak by a man who himself was waiting for anointing from Bourdillon by way of support for Worgu Boms in the race for a position on the National Working Committee of the APC. Such a man cannot be seen deprecating others waiting for anointing support elsewhere!!

We understand the pains of losing out on the power turf after a long tussle. So a good leader would step forward to cheer up his vanquished troops. But when you do so by throwing tantrums you miss the point. For instance, if I was in the shoes of Senator Magnus Abe I would not boast about Worgu Boms being cleared to run for that office WITHOUT doing a revalidation of his membership of the party. Or that against the general clamour for consensus, Boms refused to step down for Chief Giadom but fought to the end. I wouldn’t because it only ended up exposing his soft underbelly with the dismal number Boms polled. I would never go on to assure my supporters that the fight is not over until Amaechi succeeds Buhari in the Villa and Giadom steps into the Brick House post-Wike. That’s the height of deceit because no one took a bet with him on those.

But we thank the eloquent Senator all the same for his filibusters. How would we have known that what we’ve been dealing with all along were archetypal “empty barrels making the most noise”?

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  1. For now, the coast is very hazy and unclear about Nigeian poltics of 2023 we are watching to see where the cat jumps

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