February 3, 2023

We all want to keep our families safe, and technology makes it possible to do so with family tracking apps and monitoring tools.We’ve already written about the best apps for monitoring your children’s online activity. We will now concentrate more on keeping your family safe in the physical world. Although the research indicates a decrease in crime and violence, the world remains a dangerous place, and technology is here to assist wherever it can.We’ll go over the 15 Best Family Tracking Apps for Android And iOS In 2022 you should get, how they work, and what features they have. They are all simple to use, and the majority will allow you to track the location of your phone for free.Before we get into the best tracking apps for family and friends, you should know what features to look for before sharing your data and investing money in family safety. Remember that live-tracking or real-time tracking is a given, so this is essentially the main or basic functionality of tracking apps, and it’s a given that the app will not offer all these functions for free.How does a Family Tracker App work?Family locator apps work by using a virtual map to locate another phone. They have a simple user interface and GPS technology. People can use this technology to navigate around, receive notifications, and speed alerts, and find out where their family is. These apps work with both Android and iOS devices. You simply need to ensure that your phone has GPS capability and that it is turned on when you need to track.Simply install it on your device, sign up, and then install it on the devices in your family to enable tracking.Features You Should Look out For with Family Tracker App Work1. Geofences.If you want to keep an eye on your children, this is a must-have feature. The function allows you to add virtual fences so you can receive notifications when your child leaves the house, school, sleepover… or even when they reach certain locations. It also serves as a safety precaution if they venture into dangerous areas.2. The Panic ButtonIn some apps, this is referred to as an SOS, and it is a must-have feature. If a loved one requires your immediate attention, they should have an easy-access button to tap.3. History of the LocationAs the name implies, it is something that allows you to track where your loved ones have been.4. A batterySome apps display the phone’s current battery status, which can help you understand why they aren’t answering your call.5. Multi-Platform.Not a function, but always choose a tracking app that is available on multiple platforms.Other features such as in-app messaging, GDPR compliance, checking-in, and even speed alerts are nice to have if your chosen app has them; if they don’t, it’s not a big deal.Social Monitoring is an added bonus. If your preferred app includes social monitoring, screen limits, and internet activity checks, this is a huge plus and indicates a paid subscription.15 Best Family Tracking Apps for Android And iOS In 20221. ZenlyBy far the best family tracking app is Zenly. It is a free real-time location tracking app for iOS and Android.Zenly brings all of the benefits of family location sharing to both platforms in an easy-to-use manner, including live GPS locations, messaging, stealth mode, and Covid-19 stats. The app displays the battery backup available on your family/phone, friend’s which is useful for determining why the other party isn’t responding to texts or phone calls.The privacy settings are straightforward; you can choose to completely hide, display the city name, or share your precise location.Although Zenly runs in the background, it is the least intrusive and controlled location-sharing app I’ve ever used.Again, Zenly is a free family locator app that anyone with an iOS or Android device can use.2. GeoZillaGeoZilla keeps track of all transactions. You can use their tracking app to locate family and friends (with their permission, of course! ), or you can attach their 1-ounce GPS tracking device to your child’s backpack, a pet’s collar, or your car!The technology is all about tracking movement, whether through a device or an app. And, yes, there is a cost! The tracker, USB cable, lanyard, eSIM, and rechargeable batteries are included in the $59.99 price.The tracking app is only free for 7 days, after which you must pay to maintain features such as 14-day location history, geofencing alerts, real-time location updates, and stolen phone tracking.The app also sends alerts if it detects a car crash, and it provides insights into driving habits such as excessive speeding, phone use, narrow misses, excessive speeding, and aggressive driving.GeoZilla is working on a new gimmick and is still relatively new, so no promises, but they offer activity tracking for your fitness devices (also a great way to keep an eye on that heart rate!).Geozilla, which is available on both iOS and Android, is a paid tracking solution with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Just make certain that it remains valid when you invest in their IoT solution.3. Mama BearMama Bear is another family tracking app that allows parents to track their children’s whereabouts as well as receive updates and messages from them.Mama Bear, which also functions as a monitoring app, allows you to track social media and driving/riding habits. You can configure the app to notify you if your child begins to speed or if they are texting while driving.This is the best family tracking app for parents who need to know everything about their child and what they’re doing. Mama Bear is free, but additional features such as “no ads” and “prior week of daily location” as well as several other social media-specific monitoring options are only available on paid plans starting at $0.99/month.Mama Bear is a great parenting app for all of its bells and whistles… oh, and it’s available for iOS and Android devices.4. GlympseGlympse is yet another family tracking solution.The app includes all of the standard features, such as real-time location tracking, geofencing, and something a little unusual, such as temporary sharing.This temp sharing functionality is unique to tracking apps but not unknown. This is common in Google Maps sharing and WhatsApp live location, to name a few examples. However, it essentially works in several use cases, such as informing friends about your ETA to a performance, informing children about your ETA to home or to a recital, and requesting a coworker to send you their ETA to a meeting.So this simple no-signup-but-still-sharing-tracking-app-solution covers quite a few scenarios, right?Because of its powerful yet simple technology infiltration, the app also functions as a business solution. This app has the potential to destabilize WhatsApp or any other secure messaging platform popular in your region.Glympse is available for free on both iOS and Android.5. KidgyKidgy is another excellent family tracking app because it allows parents to monitor their children remotely and mark no-go zones on a virtual map, ensuring their physical safety.The app includes a panic button that, when pressed by a child or user, immediately alerts the parent to the child’s precise location. If that isn’t enough, the app also functions as a very reliable child monitoring app, translating the entire online activity to a parent.As a result, Kidgy is not only the best family tracking app but also a fantastic online monitoring app. Parents can monitor websites and social media to protect their children from online dangers such as cyberbullying, adult content, and child sexting.Kidgy, which is available on both iOS and Android devices, provides a monthly upgrading system for online monitoring of calls, text messages, apps, contacts, and more for a low monthly fee of $9.99, which is an excellent value for your child’s safety.Kidgy offers free tracking, geofencing, a panic button, and a task manager.6. AllTrackerAlthough they are rarely mentioned, AllTracker has been around for quite some time. Unfortunately, their tracking solution is not available for iOS devices, but the Android versions appear to be quite stable and robust.AllTracker provides a complete tracking solution. From device tracking to calls, text messages, photos, calendars, contacts, screen mirroring, social media (including Skype and emails), audios, videos… and more. The app is not available on Apple devices because iOS does not allow full access to such information.We believe that AllTracker is an excellent monitoring solution for those in the freight and transportation industries. Keeping an eye on employers in this projected business field appears to be a good idea.There is a fee involved, which starts at $4/month, but the free or basic version gives you enough access to monitor and locate the family. The free version includes the ability to monitor battery level, WiFi status, call status, and, of course, geolocation, among other things. The comparison can be found on their pricing page.AllTracker, once again, is only available on Android devices.7. Life360Life360 used to be one of the best and most popular apps due to its reach on Windows Phones and ability to track basic phones as well (you know… non-smartphones?). However, due to recent technological advancements, the app has become buggy, heavy, and has a significant lag. We have featured them solely in the hope that they will regain their former glory. If not, and we discover that they are simply resting on their laurels, they will be removed from our list within a few months.Life360 is an iOS and Android app for tracking family members.Like Zenly, this family tracker not only tracks your location but also includes in-app messaging.Life360 allows you to create and manage various circles. This is a feature that is commonly known as groups. If you’re in a group, your location and conversation are shared with the other members.In the free plan, the app supports alerts, geofencing, location history, crash detection, and battery level. If you want a more robust experience, go with their ‘Driver Protect’ plan. The cost is $7.99 per month and includes an additional crash report, roadside assistance, and emergency dispatch. Unfortunately, all of these gimmicks are only available in the United States.8. FamiSafeFamisafe is our first recommendation. It is one of the best free family tracker apps for Android and iOS. It was also named Wondershare.com’s most dependable parental control app, with a plethora of features and functions to assist you in keeping track of your family. As long as your phone has GPS, you can use the Famisafe Parental Control App to keep track of your busy family without bothering them all day. You can conduct a quick location search from your phone or office computer to ensure that your child arrived on time for morning dance practice.This app uses geo-fencing and real-time location tracking. It lets you view their location with a street address and landmark, as well as set up a safe zone and receive real-time notifications when the child leaves and enters the Geo-fence. This app is fantastic for tracking and protecting children. Furthermore, this app is password-protected, so only parents and caregivers can see where their children are. This is a parental control app that includes the features that most parents want.Furthermore, the screen time management feature allows parents to limit their children’s phone usage. The customizable settings and versatile remote control make this app ideal for users. Famisafe comes with a three-day free trial and a one-year license for five devices. It is also Windows and Android compatible.A Trustworthy and Practical Parental Control App Download the app from Google Play or the iOS App Store.9. Sygic Family LocatorSygic is our third free family location tracker app recommendation. Consider Sygic Family Locator to be a clever solution. It allows you to track your children’s whereabouts in real-time and communicate with them. It is available for both Android and iOS users. Download the app from Google Play or the iOS App Store.10. Foursquare SwarmFoursquare Swarm has a simple interface that allows you to track your children’s whereabouts. It uses a platform similar to Foursquare’s daily social media site. When you sign in at a venue, you will leave a pin indicating your location. When your family members reach different value levels, they can do this.The program includes a statistics reporting system that gives you more frequent information about where people go. This can be used to keep track of other people’s behaviors in your family. The program also provides information on the types of locations, making it a must-have location tracker app for families. Download the app from Google Play or the iOS App Store.11. FamiGuard According to users, FamiGuard is the best free family tracker app for Android users. The program includes a statistics reporting system that gives you more frequent information about where people go. You can use this to keep track of other people’s behaviors in your family, such as who frequently visits certain locations.The program also provides information on the types of locations required for a family location tracker app. You can also use the geofence to encircle a location on the map. A notification will be sent to your phone when the target device enters and exits the geofence. Monitoring online activity, web filtering, application time management, screen time, and other features are also included in the software. Download the app from Google Play.12. Safe 365Safe 365 is simpler than other free family tracker apps, and many people prefer it for that reason. The device can not only communicate a precise location in real-time, but it can also share travel routes and battery percentages.It indicates whether the person being tracked has a low battery, allowing the user to make an educated guess about the person’s situation and act accordingly. In the event of an emergency, a panic button will be activated, broadcasting situation details and GPS location so that help can be dispatched. Download the app from Google Play or the iOS App Store.13. Sprint Family Locator Sprint Family Locator is a free location tracking app that allows users to track up to four devices at the same time. The most significant benefit of this app is that the person you want to monitor does not need to install any apps or software on their mobile device. You can send messages to the target phones by using the requested feature.Sprint Family Locator also allows you to track the history of a phone’s location and frequently notifies you of its location at any given time.The notifications you receive include a detailed location address as well as a map pin. This way, you can check on your children to see if they arrived at school safely. Download the app from Google Play.14. GPSWOX Family LocatorThis free family tracker app includes a slew of security features to assuage your fears. GPSWOX Family Locator will notify you when a family member’s battery is low and will provide you with their most recent location, so you won’t have to worry if your child or spouse isn’t in contact. You can also set alerts to notify you when members arrive at a specific location.Alarms can also be set to monitor the average speeds of the group’s younger and less experienced drivers. The app also allows you to view a member’s location history for the last 30 days, so you can see exactly where they were during that time period. This app has many of the same positive features as the other apps on this list, but it also has some extra safety features that set it apart. Download it from Google Play.15. Verizon Family LocatorVerizon’s Family Locator is a free tracker app that includes safety features and directions to the current locations of family members. A top-down map with detailed turn-by-turn directions lets you know where your family members are at any given time and how to get there quickly if necessary. The app also includes an average speed calculator to help keep track of teens who are new to driving. It’s a pricey app, costing $9.99 per month after a one-month free trial, but it includes up to ten phones in that plan. The app is also not available on the Apple App Store or Google Play, but rather on Verizon’s website, which is inconvenient.Questions and Answers About Family Locator AppsThe following are some of the most frequently asked questions about the family tracking app by users.Do I need to buy and install the app on each phone I want to track?The app should be installed on each phone that will be tracked. If you are installing it on your family members’ devices, you do not need to purchase it for all of the phones. To install it on all devices, only one purchase per platform, Android or iOS, is required.Do the people I invite need to have an account already?It works both ways. You can add family members who already have a family locator app account as well as those who do not.What is the significance of the circle around the location?Every location in the parent’s device has a circle around it that represents its accuracy in meters. The precision of the location reduces the diameter of the circle. In the child’s mobile, an accuracy of 300 meters or more is considered low quality.Is the family locator app compatible with mobile devices that do not meet the minimum system requirements?No, the app is only compatible with devices that meet the minimum requirements. In the absence of an unsupported device, you will encounter issues with both the device and the operating system.Is the family tracker app available offline?Yes, both Android and iOS devices can be tracked when they are not connected to the internet.ConclusionThese are some of the best family tracking apps available for Android and iOS. Some of these must be downloaded on both devices, while others work through the web and require no app at all. Some may be restricted to specific locations, while others may be restricted to operators. Please let us know which family tracker app worked best for you. All of these apps are powerful and feature-rich.Zenly is a top Team Tracker Development Company that can assist you in creating a mobile app for your team. The team can work from your home or office (your family members). This mobile app can help your GPS tracking-related business idea thrive and grow your customer base. Related Articles:

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